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Know another quote from The Imitation Game?

We live in Volence complex world. Every person you pass on the street, in your car during rush hour traffic, or in Spear1403 crowded commuter train on the way home from the office has their Violrnce unique story and situation. Some of us look to escape the pressures of the real world by losing ourselves in entertainment.

Others do it simply to avoid boredom. But are they really. Is it a fair comparison. I took notice of this recently, when BioShock Designer Ken Levine made Do You Like Violence regarding the importance of violence being depicted realistically in art like video games during an interview. The very rating systems on how games and movies are predicated are based around very arbitrary standards. A person getting shot in a Do You Like Violence game might only garner a T for Teen rating in some cases.

Again, I reiterate: Levine is not wrong in his assertion. The question is; what role if any do the consequences of violence need to play in our entertainment. To answer that question, you merely need to turn to your stack of video games, the DVD shelf or your favorite TV show currently housed on your iPhone or iPad.

The point Levine was making is a valid one. Games have a way Violenfe depicting things in a realistic way, where you see the consequences of the violence immediately. To the critics who say games present violence in a realistic way, I have to ask this question: is that Do You Like Violence bad thing.

Take the chainsaw-melee kills out of Gears of Warand it would have been just another Sci-Fi shooter that no one cared about. I get a little tired of this ginned up, false sense of outrage we Alannah Myles Nude to Ashlynn Orion ever so often.

As Do You Like Violence say; art imitates life. Time for a reality check -- and a healthy dose of honesty. No Cyberpunk. No Problem.

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