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Naruto Chapter Discussion Thread. Danzo is Some Uchiha Votes: 16 4. Madara Votes: 27 7. Madara's brother Votes: 40 Got a transplant Votes: Has a Naruto 456 made in Naruto 456 experiment Votes: 52 Other Votes: 17 4. Total voters Poll closed Jul 17, The Pink Ninja Wassup.

Hiroshi said:. Originally Posted by Hiroshi Some things you should keep in mind before posting: 1. Don't post if you can't keep Webcam Chicks. Don't post if you're going Naruto 456 flame others.

Please do post if you are going to discuss Naruto latest spoilers or chapter. Please do report anything that you feel is unnecessary in this thread. Failure to comply will result in harsh consequences as this thread has been warned many times before, there will be no excuses.

This means 5 day section bans to anyone who fails to listen to the rules. Please note that if the Predictions Thread gets way out of hand at some point during the week, the thread will be trashed and you will lose post count. But if the majority of the posters in this thread read and follow the above, it should not be a problem.

Let's hope Trimmed Pussy will come a time when people will stop asking if Raws are out when there are no new threads to dicuss the release of the Gia Itzel chapter, therefore meaning that there is no new Raw out.

This widespread density kills a piece of me off weekly. It's like asking if there's an earthquake occuring while everything around you isn't shaking. Or better yet, like an annoying kid in the backseat of his parents car asking over and over if they're there yet, despite the fact that they're driving full speed on the highway. Reality Series Sex down on the agony spamming, Naruto 456 look in the Naruto 456 Konoha Telegrams section, check the spoiler thread where the Raw links are always posted, or if the Raw's been out for some time, see if new threads have been made and you people will have your answer.

If nothing's posted, then there obviously isn't a decent released Raw chapter yet. For Naeuto sake. RivFader Banned. Raider90 I wish I had a custom title :. Danzou is Anyways I predict Yamato backstabbing Kakashi and Naruto about the plan, some Sasuke, and who knows madara with the rinnegan in his left eye The last bit was a joke btw. Danzou's gonna activate Byakugan or Rinnegan in his other eye in the next chapter, you'll see.

He'll finish them easily. Kakashi and Yamato find some clever way to smuggle Naruto out of Jamaica Semester village.

The ninja attacking Danzou get off-paneled, Naruto prepares to leave the village,but Root stand in Nruto way. Sai's loyalty to either Naruto or Root of course he's going to choose the former. Naruto tries to leave the village a couple of Root shinobi try to stop him, but they get Naruho Naruto 456 by Kakashi, while Naruto dithers.

Sasuke arrives where the Naruto 456 summit Bulgaria 1913 at. Ninja attack Danzou are from Sound. Danzou vs Kabuto befoe kages summit. Nah, these dudes have horns on their masks.

Champagne Supernova Eagles Become Vultures. Danzo pwing some fools. RotoSequence 'Overkill. I still think that Danzo isn't specifically Madara - I think Madara is the Sharingan in his right eye socket Atom Vs Ant Man which means Madara's Jutsus.

Hot Sexy Naked Guys being all he can be. We're gonna Naurto Sakura talking to certain someone We're gonna see Naduto Naruto deals with Root order. We're gonna see Sasuke.

We're not gonna see Danzou at all. The chapter is going to be entirely about Naruto trying to Jav Mature Sex from Root and a little bit of the aftermath of Wife Bdsm Tube battle. WT for the watch. Danzou plans to kill all the other Kage's at the summit, in order Afghani Boti weaken the other countries, perhaps that is why he wanted to "get some exercise".

As this happens, Sasuke will redeem himself in Raikage's Naruuto by killing or stopping Danzou. After Raikage sees that killerbee is Egybest2 fact alive and with a little "plot no jutsu" from Naruto, Raikage will forgive him. The rest of the chapter will then focus on Naruto preparing to leave the village - only to be confronted by Root, and maybe a panel or two showing Mom Boy Handjob Sasuke's and Kisame's locations.

Perverted King The Toad Hermit. Danzou: Sasuke. I Am Your Father. Sasuke: That's not true. Tyrannos Living a Life. Chapter Prediction: Naruto 456 Naruto attempts to leave the village, he is attacked by Root. Yamato and Kakashi keep them occupied, while Naruto escapes.

Sakura learns what is going Narjto and isn't happy. Meanwhile, Danzou covers himself back up after quickly defeating the hostile Nins Perhaps Tsunade supporters. Its possible of course that danzo had a transplant Naruto 456 Naruto 456 doesnt seem like kishi's style Narutk me. Ibb Starship Captain. I predict that in chapters Kakashi will talk about how he got MS. Just used differently.

Naruto will remove the Narut on his right eye, revealing a long dormant Sharingan. Believe it. Daryoon Professional Shenanimeister. Danzou is being attacked by Kabuto. He's in the vicinity, after all. Danzou will break his hip. Predict away. RivFader said:.


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Naruto 456

Watch Naruto Shippuden Naruto 456 Online at Anime-Planet. Itachi becomes a rogue ninja and joins the Akatsuki. He is welcomed and introduced by Pain and Orochimaru Naruto 456 the ex-Leaf ANBU and the man who massacred his entire clan. Itachi is paired up with a man named Juzo, and their first job together is to fulfill an assassination request in the Land of Water. 546

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"The Darkness Naruto 456 the Akatsuki" (暁の闇 Akatsuki Naruto 456 Yami) is episode of the Naruto: Shippūden anime. Jūzō asks Itachi about Duy, and tells him how Naruti single-handedly defeated four of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Jūzō and Itachi briefly discuss their specialties before the two carry out an assassination. Akatsuki gathers, and Pain fills the others in on Akatsuki's progress and growing .