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{PARAGRAPH}{INSERTKEYS}Two intellectuals, a writer and a director, begin to play a mysterious psychological game in Pornogtafia peaceful Pornogtafia manor house during the Nazi occupation. Sign In. Drama Romance War. Director Jan Jakub Kolski. Top credits Director Jan Jakub Kolski. Photos 4. Add image. Top cast Edit. Krzysztof Majchrzak Fryderyk as Fryderyk. Adam Ferency Witold as Witold. Pornogtafia Globisz Hipolit as Hipolit …. Grazyna Blecka-Kolska Pornogtafia as Maria …. Grzegorz Damiecki Waclaw as Waclaw …. Jan Frycz Siemian as Siemian …. Irena Laskowska Amelia as Amelia …. Sandra Samos Henia as Henia …. Anna Baniowska Weronika as Weronika …. Kazimierz Mazur Karol as Karol. Jan Urbanski Skuziak as Skuziak …. Henryk Pornogtafia Hans as Hans …. Jerzy Chojnowski Gustaw as Gustaw. Mariola Kukula Servant as Pornkgtafia. Henryk Tomczyk Stelmach as Stelmach. Michal Jasinski Farmhand as Farmhand. Jan Jakub Kolski. Storyline Edit. Polish countryside during WWII: Witold, the narrator, is at a Pornogyafia of his intellectual artist friends in Warsaw, where he meets Frederick, a mysterious, but charming, stranger. They hit it off, so he invites Frederick along as he goes to visit the home of his friend Hipolit and his wife Maria. Witold and Frederick become obsessed Porogtafia arranging the coupling of Hipolit's beautiful teenage daughter, Henia, and an equally beautiful Pornogtavia man, Karol, who is working at the farm. But Henia is engaged to Vaclav, who is visiting with his deeply Pornogtafai mother, Amelia. As the two middle-aged gentlemen scheme, Germans fight with the Polish resistance, led by Pornogtafiia, in the woods nearby. Hipolit supports the resistance and his household is thrown into chaos when he is ordered to "liquidate" Siemian to prevent him from talking if he's captured Porjogtafia the Germans. Meanwhile, Frederick's obsession with Veronika, a pretty young maid at the house, masks a dark secret from his past. Not Rated. User reviews 4 Review. Top review. Spielberg should sue. What on earth could have possessed the NY Marta Dominguez Festival selection committee to inflict this pretentious, boring, derivative, ugly and silly piece of third-rate filmmaking on its audience. Because it's Polish and we haven't had a Pornogtafiq of worthwhile Polish movies since Kieslowski. Has it come to that. Steampunk Hentai effect Pornogtafiq glaringly contrived and Pornogtafia with the far better Spielberg The Emoji Movie Porn offensively trivializing. In case anyone misses the point, the holocaust plot overlay involves a doomed little girl and, at the dénouement, a shift to a black-and-white background against which is displayed, in color, a talismanic link to her. Sound familiar. The sad thing is that there is some talent at work here. But on the whole, this is an over-the-top, pretentious dud, the sort of thing that should be seen only by the Pornogtfia critics who Sexy Girls Gallery have Pornogtafia professional obligation and civic duty to spare all the rest of us such oPrnogtafia irritating waste of our time. Mengedegna Oct 9, Details Edit. Pornogtafia date October 17, Poland. Poland France. Nowa Sucha, Mazowieckie, Poland. Box office Edit. Budget PLN 9, estimated. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 57min. Dolby Digital. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an Pornogtafia or add Naked Indian Girls content. Top Gap. By what name was Pornografia officially released in Canada in English. Edit page. See the full list. What to Stream on Netflix in September Watch the video. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this Pofnogtafia.


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Two intellectuals, a writer and a director, begin to play a mysterious psychological game in a peaceful countryside manor house Pornogtafia Pornogtagia Nazi occupation. Sign In.


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Pornografia: Pornogtafia by Jan Jakub Kolski. With Krzysztof Majchrzak, Adam Ferency, Krzysztof PPornogtafia, Pornogtafia Blecka-Kolska. Two intellectuals, a writer and a director, begin to play a mysterious psychological game in a peaceful countryside manor house during the Nazi occupation.