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Site Search User. Menu ×. State Not Answered Replies replies Related Discussions. Cannot resolve nu. I've set the system Novell Nu up to use our proxy and Novell Nu do so without a login; if I set Firefox to "use system proxy", Nocell can get out to anywhere on novell. Thus I know the Novel, is working. Novell Nu me repeat that. The proxy is working. I can get to nu. But I can't re register or check repositories, or do updates.

Abort, retry, ignore. Reply Cancel Cancel. Novfll kind of proxy. Is this just http s Bmw E39 Stance. Novell Nu Or does it handle DNS as well.

No support provided via email. David Gersic; wrote: What kind of proxy. It fails because the server has a private IP; thus the Novell Nu need for a proxy.

Noveol have several other servers that also have private IPs, that use this proxy, and they're working fine with zypper and they also can't resolve nu. If I use Firefox to test using the system proxy, not explicitly set that gets to nu.

But it's resolving, using the system proxy Nvell. It's a real head scratcher. So it seems like it should work, since you have Novell Nu that do.

What's different on the working ones vs. Were they installed differently or something like Noovell. Nk different Novell Nu installed this one, but I don't know what he could've done so differently as to break this. I login with the credentials and have no problem getting there. I wonder if I Novell Nu try uninstalling and reinstalling curl and zypper.

Or might that be a colossally bad idea. I'm guessing that would be a bad idea. I'm out of good ideas Free Hairy Snatch this, though.

I've asked around Yaya Han Action Figure see if anybody Preschool Nudes can chime in. I'm not supposed to manually Nylon Milf curl to do updates.

Because that's where I got Nofell URL from, the sdout error that zypper returns when I try to do a refresh. The point of Novell Nu above was, that nu. It got to the server, otherwise I would not have even seen it's error. The question is, why does it suddenly fail to resolve when I try to do updates via zypper or even yast. Perhaps I should Novelk my Novell Nu errors here.

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Site Search User. Menu ×. State Not Answered Replies replies.

Novell Nu

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