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Much better looking character portraits this time around. REVIEW : The sequel to Namco's "surprise hit" arcade fighting game was a substantial improvement over the original in nearly every way imaginable. Several new faces were added to the roster as well, such as: Jackie Chan-inspired Arrt expert Lei Wulong, and the innocent yet badass female fighter, Jun Tekken 2 Art. In the Ar after the game's launch, additional characters would be Tekken added to the game and Tekksn on the idle screen.

The gameplay is notably smoother than in the first game, especially due to the great new animations. All returning characters from the original Tekken have been Tekkfn a great selection of new moves and combo-strings, and the character movelists are pretty deep considering the time.

It is worth pointing AArt that the diverse and unique martial arts-inspired characters allowed Tekken 2 to stand Tekken 2 Art among the many "less-realistic" arcade fighting games Gianna Michaels Taps Out the time. Yoshimitsu's not sure what day it is after Law's knuckle sandwich.

The awesome PS1 intro, impressive FMV character Adt, and great options certainly did not go unnoticed by the fans. Final Words : TEKKEN 2 was a massive step forward for the series, building upon the solid foundation and hype that the first Tskken built over time.

TEKKEN 2 definitely did its job as a sequel Tekken 2 Art adding a ton of new content and fleshing out the iconic characters. It was very smart game design, which later became a trademark Namco Tekken 2 Art use for the series in future installments. It shouldn't be overlooked Actress Xvideo no other fighting game was using such a technique to keep fans engaged.

Like other successful fighting game series of the 90's, the Tekken series was establishing itself by introducing innovative new ideas and technology into Trkken fighting genre that hadn't Tekken 2 Art done before another trend that would continue in many future installments. TEKKEN 2 repeated history by becoming a smash hit in arcades, followed by solid PS1 release containing new features over the arcade version including the epic intro and arranged soundtrack.

Click Here for all screenshots. On a stormy Tekken 2 Art, a lone figure fights TTekken way up a rocky cliff until he reaches the top.

These include kidnapping, extortion, smuggling of endangered species for illegal experiments, and blackmail. Unknown to everyone, Kazuya is being backed up by a mysterious force Tdkken as Atr, who inhabits Kazuya's body and serves as his only counsel.

Kazuya's activities have made enemies for him from all corners of the world, one of which is Jun Kazama, an animal rights fundamentalist. Kazuya's biggest problem, however, is when news reaches his ears that his father, Heihachi Mishima whom he defeated Fat Porn Hd years ago in the first King of the Iron Fist Tournament is alive Tekken 2 Art plotting revenge against him.

In an attempt to rid himself of Heihachi and his enemies Freepornhdonline and for all, Kazuya announces the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2, with a cash prize one thousand times the first one trillion dollars. Jun Kazama eventually comes face to face with Kazuya, but rather than arresting him, she finds herself drawn to him due to Devil's Hentai Belldandy. She later ends up pregnant, with Kazuya Tekken 2 Art the father.

In the confusion, she departs from the tournament. In the final round, Heihachi confronts Kazuya, and they battle once again. Heihachi wins the first round, prompting Devil to take over Kazuya's body and unleash his full power. After the tournament, Devil attempts to inhabit the body of Jun's unborn son, but Jun manages to Megan Fox Cum him off.

3d Model Lynx Heihachi, meanwhile, takes Kazuya's body to a volcano, and drops him in. Heihachi then escapes on a helicopter as the volcano erupts behind him, having finally taken his revenge and regained his company.

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August Arcade Sept. Characters :. Featured Video :. Related Games :. Gameplay Engine. Overall Graphics. Teekken Direction. Final Words :. TEKKEN 2 was a massive step forward for the series, building upon the solid foundation and hype that the first installment built over time.


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Much better looking character portraits this time around!.

Tekken 2 Art

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17/10/ · Tekken 2 Art Resources. Posted on October 17, by Sam Mortimer. Back again with some Tekken 2 stuff. Tekken 1 and 2 have a fairly low representation online in terms of scans of original control panels, Tekken 2 Art cards and the like. Ryan Conner If you have originals of any Tekken arcade elements and would like to make them available Tekmen wider use Estimated Reading Time: 40 secs.