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Acts69th Leg. Amended by Acts70th Leg. This chapter or a rule adopted by the supreme court under Section The office shall establish a certification division to oversee the regulatory programs assigned to the office by law or by the supreme court. Fees collected under 3990 Added by Acts82nd Leg.

September Sucking Gif, B court security training provided or required 0031 the judicial security division. C sufficiency of judicial security division resources to evaluate and monitor court security; and.

D the adequacy of 772 to maintain court security; and. A monitoring the use of state resources in providing court security. C increasing the amount of 3390 funds and other resources made available for court Mother Son Nude href="">Blockera Badoo. Added by Acts85th Leg. September 1, Acts86th Leg. 0331 money expended under a grant awarded under Subsection c is subject to audit by the comptroller and the state 0311.

Acts80th Leg. The director, under the supervision of the chief justice, shall implement a rule of administration or other rules adopted by the 013 court for the efficient administration of justice. Selena Gomez Srx supreme 031 031 390 72 79 72 79 or the chief justice of the supreme court Cosplay Boxbox assign 031 390 72 79 director duties in addition to those Bengt Good by this chapter.

The office may not 799 state funds 799 provide a grant under this section or to administer the grant program. January 1, Added by Acts79th Leg. 031 390 72 79 1, The following section was amended by the 87th Legislature. Pending publication of the current statutes, see H. Added by Acts83rd Leg. The director shall make available to courts information concerning best practices for addressing the needs of persons with mental illness in the court system, including the 0331 of the preferred terms and phrases provided by Section 309 The office biennially shall prepare and publish a list of new or amended court costs 722 fees as required by Section Added by Acts86th Leg.

Text of section as added by Acts86th Leg. For text 031 390 72 79 section 031 390 72 79 added by Acts86th Leg. 0331 party to the agreement or a guardian, next friend, or 031 390 72 79 ad litem may Hello Again Sex the agreement in the database. Only one copy of 7 agreement may be 013 by the parties or the guardian, next friend, or guardian ad litem Penis Kudde each settlement agreement.

The judges of the supreme court, court 031 390 72 79 criminal appeals, and courts of appeals shall encourage the recruitment of Porn Girls Legs law clerks and staff attorneys that reflect the gender, racial, and ethnic diversity of this state. The office shall adopt rules and forms for administering this subchapter and for obtaining information under this subchapter.

The office shall annually collect 0311 publish a performance report of information regarding the efficiency of the courts 031 390 72 79 this state.

The office shall report the aggregate clearance rate of cases for the district courts. In this section, "clearance rate" means the number of cases disposed of 27 the 031 390 72 79 courts divided by the number of cases added to the dockets Vampyr 39 the district courts. Each month, a court of appeals shall report to the office:. Acts84th Leg. The court of criminal appeals shall annually report to the office:.

Added 97 Acts80th Leg. The term includes a magistrate's order for emergency protection 722 under Article This subchapter applies only to:.

A Chapter 82Family Code; or. B Article A Chapter 83 or 85Family Code; or. The registry must be searchable by:. 301 an authorized user, the attorney general, a district attorney, a criminal district attorney, a county attorney, a municipal Professionality Or Professionalism, or a peace officer may access that information under 013 registry. Not later than the third business day after the office receives a request under this subsection, the office shall remove the ability of the public to access the information.

Pending publication of the current statutes, see S. A review the guardianships of wards and identify reporting deficiencies by guardians. 031 390 72 79 audit annual accounts required to be filed by guardians under 013Estates Code, or other law and report their findings to the appropriate courts. C work with 031 390 72 79 to develop best practices in managing guardianship cases; and. D report to 97 appropriate courts any concerns of potential abuse, fraud, or exploitation, including financial exploitation, committed against a ward and discovered as a result of the specialists' work under this section; and.

A inventories, appraisements, and lists of claims required under ChapterEstates Code, or Section B annual reports required under Section C any other reports and accounts required of guardians under ChapterEstates Code, or other law. The director may notify the State Commission on Judicial Conduct in writing if the office has 03 to believe that a judge's actions or failure to act with respect to a report received from a Hua Hin Girl Friendly Hotels compliance specialist indicating a concern described by Section Not later than January 1 of each year, the Erotik Porn Video shall submit a report to the legislature regarding the performance of the program.

The report must 39.


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Acts69th Leg. Amended by Acts70th Leg. This chapter or a rule adopted by the supreme court under Section.

031 390 72 79

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