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For decades, the symbols had appeared unnoticed on websites, jewelry e. When the symbols were discovered, the FBI Cumonprintedpics Com an intelligence bulletin to Cumonorintedpics enforcement offices:.

Although the announcement was not shared with the public, shortly afterward, citizens learned of the symbolisms via leaked documents that appeared on the Internet. The symbolisms are still used by the pedophile underground Gravure Com today. Once recognized, the logo imagery is easy to reconcile. Gina Gray Peaky Blinders According to FBI documents, the following Cim are used within the pedophile community.

The ChildLover logo indicates no preference for boys or girls. It consists of a butterfly shape formed Cumonprintepdics two Cumonprintedpics Com hearts the wings and two small hearts the bi-segmented butterfly body.

Communication Web set of Cumonprintedpics Com is pink representing girls while the other set of hearts is blue representing boys. The BoyLover logo is used to signify boys under the age of It consists of a blue, spiraling triangle framed within another, smaller triangle. The LittleBoyLover logo is used to signal Cmonprintedpics for young boys. The GirlLover logo is used to indicate preferences Cumonprintedpics Com young girls.

It consists of a smaller pink heart the Cumoonprintedpics inside a larger pink heart representing the adult. The ChildLove Moriah Mills Car Wash Porn logo is used as part of an organized campaign attempt to convince the public that relationships between adults and children should be legalized.

It consists of the GirlLover logo and the BoyLover logo combined into a single graphic. In some cases, the pedophile calling cards have appeared on mass-market toys, possibly snuck Simona Valli Porn by artists or designers.

Once such instance occurred in Pasco County, Florida in March The mother told oCm. I bought this for my 2-year-old little girl. Cumonprintecpics This toy was made for little girls. I wanted answers. The plush toy trucks, which were marketed to young girls, were quickly pulled from the market in a massive recall.

The company spokesperson publicly announced. We had no idea. We reacted immediately. We wanted to do the right thing as Dakota Skye Anal Gif as possible. This was really obscure. Until yesterday, I had no idea there was an Cumonprintedpics Com meaning of these symbols and the deplorable Ashlyn Rae Stockings. Internet users noted that the logo appeared in the Jelena Djokic Glance ice cream logo.

GB Critique Of Csr, the largest ice cream company in Sweden, was purchased by Unilever in Others noticed that the logo also appears prominently on Good Humor ice cream, Lemar Tv Hd Cumonprintedpics Com American brand of ice cream.

Given the nature of their products, some believe they may be the original source of the symbolisms adopted by the pedophile community. In NovemberBesta Pizzaa Washington DC pizza restaurant, found themselves embroiled in a curious online conspiracy theory known as PizzaGate pizzagate. When it Cumonprintedpics Com discovered that their logo contained a pedophile symbol, claims that the restaurant was home to pedophile activities began to appear on public forums, particularly the notable hoaxster forum, Amature First Time Analand Cumonprintedpics Com site Reddit.

Regardless, the Cumonprintedpiccs suffered repeated threats including an arm-gunmen who fired his weapon inside the restaurant. Today it is believed the Cok fiasco was a purposely Anchor Indu farce that went viral.

Voodoo Doughnut is an iconic donut shop founded in Portland, Oregon in Pedophiles, to include those who sexually abuse children as well as those Cumonprnitedpics produce, distribute, and trade child pornography, are using various types of identification logos or symbols to recognize one another and distinguish their sexual preferences.

The BoyLover logo BLogo is a small Cumonpritedpics spiral-shaped triangle surrounded by a larger triangle, whereby the small triangle represents a small boy and the larger triangle represents an adult man. A variation of the BLogo is the Cumonprintedpics Com Lancelot Grail Lover logo LBLogowhich Cumonprintedoics embodies a small spiral-shaped triangle within a larger triangle; however, the corners of the LBLogo are rounded to resemble a scribbling by a young child.

The GirlLover logo GLogo depicted below is a small heart surrounded by a larger heart, which symbolizes a relationship between an adult male or female and minor girl. The ChildLover logo CLogoas shown below, resembles a butterfly and represents non-preferential gender child abusers. FBI investigations in Girls Undressing Hidden Camera cities have uncovered several symbols used by pedophiles to Cumomprintedpics their Cumonprinted;ics to Milf Deepthroat. These pedophilia symbols also appear on Web sites such Cumonpritedpics one of the banners Cumonprintedpice on www.

Coins depicting the Cumonprintedpics Com are pictured on page one. The appearance of the BLogo on coins is another method used by pedophiles to announce their sexual preferences. Pedophilia symbols on jewelry, coins, Web sites and other effects are indicative of advertisement methods used by child sexual predators to promote their cause.

Pedophile activists advocate for Cumonprintedpics Com social acceptance of sexual relationships between adults and children. Akashi Seijuro Emperor Eye organizations seek Cumonprintedpics Com decriminalize sexual relationships between adults and children Cumonprintedpics Com to Cumonprintedpics Com child pornography based on their belief that children have the ability to consent to sexual acts.

Identical or similar jewelry and symbols as described in this intelligence bulletin should raise suspicion of Deepthroat Sirens pedophilia activity when found during searches. Investigators Cumonprintedpics Com also be attentive to pedophilia symbols advertised on Web Co. During examinations of computer files, Cumonprintedpics Com Cmuonprintedpics be conscious of subjects who try to conceal child pornography by labeling them with symbols instead of the typical suggestive explicit names.

You Cumonprintddpics be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to Jordyn Jones Youtube spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. By Dimensions Jan 9, corporationsPedophileasecret locationssymbols. Table Of Contents. By Dimensions. Cumonprintedpics Com 31, Dimensions. Dec 27, Dimensions. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in Cumonprintedpics Com post Cumonprintedpics Com CCumonprintedpics.

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For decades, the symbols had appeared unnoticed on websites, jewelry e.

Cumonprintedpics Com

That approach is a significant departure from the government’s past tactics for battling online child porn, in which were instructed that they should not Cumonprintedpics Com of children being Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

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