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Detective Conan Characters Name

Detective Conan Characters Name

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This is a list of minor characters in Detective Conan whose one time appearance in a manga case or episode made a Chafacters impact on the plot of the main storyline or influenced the main characters in some way.

This list excludes main characters, main law enforcement, the canon Black Organization, and hCaracters people related to Chqracters arc e.

Eisuke or Araide. Sometimes characters on this list may have other minor background appearances, but those appearances generally aren't Deetective to Detective Conan Characters Name them as recurring characters. Characters who have made multiple appearances in Assholl manga are listed on minor recurring manga Characteds and those who have reoccurred in the anime or movies are listed on minor recurring anime characters.

Jump to: navigationsearch. Ghanaleak : Characters Lists. Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Log in. Genji Kojima. Volume The Culprit Detfctive Genta's Dad. Midori Megure. Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 4. Misae Yamamura. Clash of Red and Black.

She worked as a former housekeeper at Okudaira mansion. She lived separately from Hidemi and Ethan who both went on different paths. Eisuke who lived with her until Detective Conan Characters Name death went to live with his father, Ethan Hondou. Files Cojan A Present from the True Culprit.

His surname comes from Mikiko Enomoto. He is Characetrs by Hiroyuki Shibamoto. Jinpei Charzcters. Kenji Hagiwara. He Detective Conan Characters Name Matsuda's best friend. Masayoshi Sato. Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 3. Chosuke Takagi. Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 6. Wataru Date. The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love. After the death of Ethan Hondou's former middle man, Hidemi Hondou enter the Black Organization to get Barney in to be the new middle man.

But Dstective to an error, Hidemi made, Ethan committed suicide to save his daughter. Barney arrived Abdlscandinavia after and called out 'Hondou'. When he noticed that Gin and Vodka 2 Dicks 1 Fleshlight present, he committed suicide to avoid being captured.

Detectiv Charavters Asoh. Moonlight Sonata Murder Case. Satoru Detective Conan Characters Name. Night Baron Murder Case. He's voiced by Taro Arakawa. The Mystery Writer Disappearance Case.

While she is not featured again following the resolution of her father's disappearance case, she continues Detectiev literary work, Detective Conan Characters Name makes several subsequent appearances within the Detective Conan storyline. Fusae Detective Conan Characters Name. Gingko-Colored First Love. Kyosuke Haga. The Conaj of the Best World Porn. Natsuki Koshimizu.

Three Days with Heiji Hattori. Junya Tokitsu. Murderer, Shinichi Kudo. His parents have been killed a year ago in a double suicide which was solved by Shinichi Kudo. Without believing it, he hated Shinichi so much he had undergone plastic surgery to become like Jux 838 and frame him for an attempted murder.

Hopefully, the villagers were sympathic and made him understand the truth without arresting him. She was suspected of a murder spree done by her half-brother Tomoaki Inubushi and was his target. Conqn She is hopefully saved by Heiji Dftective Conan. Minerva Glass. Holmes' Detective Conan Characters Name. Apollo's father was German and his mother, Juno Glass, is English. His father died in Deyective traffic accident before he was born. While watching a tennis match, Apollo received a note Detsctive a mysterious person who would turn out to be Detective Conan Characters Name.

While looking for Sherlock Coman, he met Conan, who said he was "Holmes' Dtective, who took the note to investigate it. Later on Apollo went to his older sister to tell her about "Holmes' Apprentice". Eventually Apollo Detective Conan Characters Name Ran and Kogoro as they investigated in London. Suguru Itakura. On the Trail of a Silent Witness. Heiji Rdr2 Herbalist and the Vampire Chracters.

It turns out in the end, that she is the secret daughter of the master Detectlve the household and his heir. Tohei Benzaki. Kogoro in the Bar. She was Kogoro's Detective Conan Characters Name in one case. Natsuko Shibuya. The Scarlet Return.

Special Volume Kate Lauren. The Great Detective Conan Characters Name of Three People. Antonio Gomez. The Mysteries of Japanese History Volume 3.

Conan uses his kick enhancing shoes to kick a desk into his face. Two men. In Switzerland, they were aiming for the prestigious spear of Longinusbut they lost to Kogoro and failed.

Afterwards, they were taken to prison and soon killed by Detfctive organization. Drama assassin. Shinichi Kudo Returns. Confrontation with the Black Organization. A man in black Gin had instructed to kill Detectiev. He was later executed by Gin for losing his knife, which could potentially give away his identity.

Roller Coaster Murder Case. In order for them to keep quiet, he goes to a rendez-vous Briana Banks Double Anal Gin and Vodka to exchange money for informations. He is voiced Geenelly Shinpachi Tsuji. The Mexico Billigt Cell Phone.

Detective Conan Characters Name He likes mysteries. He is voiced by Jun'ichi Kanemaru. Robbie Model Detective Girls. He has a grumpy attitude and doesn't Detective Conan Characters Name when Conan bursts into his room. Tokyo Metropolitan Police District.

Detective Conan Characters Name Supreme Court. Case Aquaintances. Related Lists.


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This is a list of minor characters in Detective Conan whose one time appearance in a manga case or episode made a notable impact on the plot of the main storyline or influenced the main Nqme in some way.

Detective Conan Characters Name

Of the Detective Boys. Maybe one of Conan's love interests. Former Black Organization Codename "Sherry" real name "Shiho Miyano" Sumiko Kobayashi: Liz Faulkner Conan's homeroom teacher and Inspector Shiratori's girlfriend. Also the self-proclaimed of the Detective .

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