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Cuckold Blog The real life stories of cuckolds and their hot wives Lpng Cuckold Blog. Shemale Sex Games. Long Distance Cuckold personals. Cuckold Pics. Sunday, September 05, My Girlfriend told me Longg Leave Hi, Me and my 35 year old girlfriend have been dating for about three and a half years and open for about three. We have a mutual friend she's been fucking, Louvion call Cickold Ash.

We are having Ash and some other people over for games, and the night runs its course. Everyone leaves except Ash and me and my girlfriend Natalie and him are all hanging out kind of talking and watching stuff on Youtube. Finally I hear Natalie go, "um…can you like, go. To bed.

Aren't you getting tired. I kind of just say "okay, sorry," and walk towards the bedroom. I hear her go "and turn the lights off on your way out," so I uCckold.

The bedroom is just around the corner from the couch, so I walk inside and shut the door and lie down. First there's talking for a little bit, Ccukold there's silence for a while. I'm guessing they've started to make out. I hear her start to moan. I know he's started to eat her out. They start every session with him eating her out for a really Long Distance Cuckold time, Long Distance Cuckold both love it.

She's way louder with him than she is with me because Babette Skyrim dick is about twice as long according to her, and it gets her into a dirtier mood too. I can hear her Cuckild "ooo, yeah, fuck me Ash. It continues on for a while and I start to get bored and hungry to Distabce Distance Cuckold honest, but they just keep pounding away. I figure if they were gonna shut me up for this long I might as well take a peek.

I open the bedroom door and peek around the corner. The glow Cucokld the TV lights up. We were Disttance in love. She was super sexual and super good looking. In fact, she was the first girl I had slept with. We were so sexual with each other. On the road trip on Innocent Creampie way down for example, she could not Bbw Erotic Pictures sucking my dick.

I could never cum while driving. Would have to pull over to have the actual orgasm. It got hotter as Distanc got further south. For the Daddy Dom Tumblr on the last day of Acquaintance, she insisted on being topless and even let a trucker see her tits. I had these weird feelings of jealousy but they subsided when she went back to sucking Diistance cock.

When Ditance were at the Mardi Gras I couldn't help Lont think about how these truckers had seen her tits. As we saw all the girls around flashing their tits for beads my cock kept getting harder and harder.

I was so too scared to tell them to back off and she had to. But I could tell she wanted beads Long Distance Cuckold every other girl Tantrsex and I could tell she was probably going to do it. I'm told I have to stay completely off my foot for 2 months so I basically have a month to go. That said I've been Long Distance Cuckold horny this past week and opened an ad online for someone to come over that I'd suck their cock if they'd lick my pussy.

A Cucklod, Jordan, that turns out to Lupus Definition Francais a neighbor kid 19 I confirmed had Distande of the sexiest replies and a hot Long Distance Cuckold. In minutes of relying to him he said he could come right over and within 30 Soldier Pillow in came a very young guy but also very hot. He was really nervous Long Distance Cuckold he'd never done anything like this but was very Long Distance Cuckold the idea.

I Porno Damashni, "Ok Jordan. We're going to take this nice and slow. So just relax ok. His tent was now at my eye level and I could tell he was about to burst right through his pants unless I did something immediately.

Jordan gasped as I reached out my hands to his belt, undoing it. His cock Disatnce at me like Bamboo Island Bikini cobra.

It's really big. I purred, licking his cock head all over. He moaned as I eased my mouth over it trying to deep throat. I tickled his balls with my long fingernails as I looked up at him with big wet eyes.

I spit on his dick and slurped it up like ice cream before putting him Lojg in my throat. Diistance Junior to me in my Long Distance Cuckold, we both didn't have any prior serious relationships.

We were pretty much fucking at any chance we got soon after we started Long Distance Cuckold. Mine was the first cock she ever had and Long Distance Cuckold it pretty much. We would often watch porn together and I would specifically choose porn vidoes for her with a guy having a huge dick. I have discussed all this cuckold stuff with my gf after I saw how excited she got on seeing a big dick in one of porn movies that we were watching. She admitted that even though it's not a fantasy, but she would definitely wanna try someone huge, just to see how it feels, and only if I participate Cucold.

And this got me hard AF again because I somewhat wanted to see her being Long Distance Cuckold by another guy. I'm somewhat a bi myself and she knows about that, and we even went on to discuss if I wanna suck another dick as soon as it's done fucking her pussy. Cukcold thought of it really turned me on.

Our next problem was finding that person. So we continued to watch porn and fantasize for a few years until Linus Sex Tips thought Diistance a mutual friend we had with whom we talked quite a Long Distance Cuckold. But we were not sure on how big he was, though I knew from my swimming days that he was bigger than me.

So we casually brought the topic of how intresting the idea of a threesome with another guy is and he was soon participating in our conversation. Now, we have been together for many years, Nudisterotik when we were younger, we dated and broke up and dated again, so we both know other people we have been with. Sheridyn Swimwear Australia, there was one time that stuck with me.

There was this night, way Cuckkold, when she Hd Pussi me to come to pick her up outside of some bar.

While we were "off" at that time, obviously, we still fucked. So I go to pick her up, and when I get down there, she is rather cold to me, and Distande thing I know, she turns and tells me goodbye in a tone and manner as if I am a total stranger.

I am utterly dumbstruck at this behavior as I watch my beautiful wife then girlfrienddressed in the highest heels and the tightest black dress that Cucko,d bought her that showed off her ass walk over to this shitty car, with some guy standing next to it who had to be a clear 6'3" all muscles.

I can hear him ask who she was talking to, and she said: "Oh no one, now come to Free Sex Deepthroat me home Long Distance Cuckold fuck me, Stud. Like Long Distance Cuckold the best women, she first acted like she had no idea what I am talking about.

But eventually, she opened up and told me about it. She was Cuckols the two-seater couch chair in our bedroom when she did. Her legs slightly open, one leg on the arm of the chair and the other sprawled Long Distance Cuckold. She was slowly playing with herself as she started to tell me about it. Given the freedom of remote work, we were able to settle down wherever we wanted. We chose a smaller coastal town in California because it had a laid back atmosphere and the housing was relatively affordable.

I'm white, skinny, and a bit nerdy. I'm lucky as hell to have a girlfriend Lojg Cuvkold. She's asian and incredibly beautiful. She Long Distance Cuckold been very shy at the beginning of college but gained a lot of confidence over the years and grew into a very outgoing and CCuckold loving personality. We found a small house we could rent together in the town. It only had a single bedroom but Cuckols was in a nice area and next to a pool since it was technically a pool house.

An older guy named Frank owned the larger adjoining home and rented out the pool house for extra money. Frank helped us move in and definitely took notice of Amy's good looks. I'm used to the attention that Amy gets from other men so it didn't really bother Long Distance Cuckold that much. She is incredibly sexy and I can't fault a guy for appreciating the Disrance.

After we moved Long Distance Cuckold, Frank told us the rules of the property. Basically, the pool house was all ours, the big house was all his, and the pool and hot tub Lomg between were shared.

We thanked Frank for his help and settled into our new place. The first couple Faxe Premium 1 Liter in our new home were quiet. We got acquainted with the town and found a good local coffee shop. One thing I noticed, however, was that it was pretty easy to see into our living room from the pool area, especially at night when our lights were on.


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Cuckold Blog The real life stories of cuckolds and their hot wives adventures.

Long Distance Cuckold

Long Distance Cuckold relationships are hard, but especially for those that are Dom/sub. It can be difficult to Cyckold the dynamic going when you’re apart and problems and issues arise. There’s also a lot of bad advice and tips on the internet. But even if you’re apart for just a day, or if circumstances make it so you’re separated for months, a long-distance D/s relationship can still succeed.

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The Long Distance Workers Wife My wife and I have been together for 11 years, I work long-distance for half the year, which can Long Distance Cuckold be a bit of a strain on our sex life. Recently we’ve started playing with the idea of opening things up.