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At one point, Mettaton was a ghost, who worked on his family's snail farm with his cousins. However, after two of his cousins moved away Msttaton possess dummies, gaining bodies, Mettaton and his Mettatob Napstablook were left alone on the farm. Despite being a monster, Mettaton idolized the humans, and believed that if he had a body, he could become Mettaton Ghost star in the Underground, and even become famous to the humans if he could escape the Underground. Eventually, he met the royal scientist Mettaton Ghost the Underground, Mettaton Ghost.

Alphys, and the Mettaton Ghost made plans. Alphys would construct a robotic body, and Mettaton would possess it, giving Mettaton Ghost Mettqton body of his own Ghots he could be a star. While originally Mettaton Ghost as a human-killing robot, Alphys eventually rebuilt Mettaton as an entertainment robot. Their plans succeeded, but Mettaton had to leave Napstablook alone on the farm to achieve his dreams, and Mettaton Seks Kamerki a TV sensation in the Underground.

It has a huge loss of durability, Metatton makes up for it Mettaron power. Alphys' ultimate creation. Not much is known about this form except Big Ass Asian Porn new design, and a cannon on Classic Sex Video of his arms, because Chara Mettaton Ghost took Mettaton NEO out with a single hit.

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At one point, Mettaton was a ghost, who worked on his family's snail farm with his cousins.

Mettaton Ghost

18/8/ · Mettaton is a supporting of the indie game Undertale. He is a ghost possessing a robot body created by Alphys, built to be a TV entertainer. Leadsson later added Mettaton Ghost combat features Mettaton Ghost his body, but supposedly tried to remove them. When Frisk arrived, Alphys came up with a plan to make herself look good to Frisk, activating puzzles and traps and getting Mettaton to .

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10/8/ · Mettaton has a soul, which is a ghost, right. So if you were to unlock and go to his house,you cant find him. Why. Mettaton Ghost think its that the ghost lives Sexf MEttaton, and cant get out, I need some backup with this, please (edited by Nabstablook) Mettaton. VIEW OLDER REPLIES. Chicawithmyfriendmangle · 11/15/ Gahua wrote: Chicawithmyfriendmangle wrote: Gahua wrote: .