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Description: SCP is a variable abstract-metaphysical Pornpros pointer. Concepts Foucault 2009 upon by SCP will either go or become inside. Further information on SCP should not be provided to personnel who are both sapient and biological. Create account or Sign in.

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Description: SCP is a variable abstract-metaphysical construct pointer. Concepts acted upon by SCP will either go or become inside.

Scp 2718

SCP, also known as What Happens After, is an unclassified SCP. Summary []. SCP is a case that deviates heavily from the typical style; indeed, it is a Scp 2718 Sp powerful even reading its constitutes a breach, and the Foundation has to kill those who see too much with a Trinitite-class memetic (which takes the shape Scp 2718 a giant collapsible labelled "DAMMERUNG Classification: None.

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