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Wow the award goes to autocorrect Nah my mom has the same thing and she has a good amount of body fat not too much tho like just a little over a little bit of belly. Guys have this part on their body that I have heard referred to as v-lines. Is it bone, or muscle, or maybe a combination. I have seen girls with a barely visible v-line.

Even the girls who have nice define abs barely have v-lines. Share Facebook. Why don't girls Coomeet For Android v-lines. What exactly is a v-line.

Add Opinion. SaintJonesy Xper 5. It just happens when you have low body-fat and strong core muscles. It's not that the women don't have them, but they just aren't visible as often. Men also have denser muscles on average which helps.

That last girl also does a lot of oblique work. The side abs. If you hit them the right way the increase in muscle tone to those and other groups that attach to the pelvis will give you a little bit of a V. I like that you don't have bellies like ours. I don't know for sure though just Cfnm Meaning makes sense to me.

Jalabeanxo Xper 2. Chubby Japanese Pics have seen women with these and they were all V Line Girl fit. These are transgender women. Sign Up Now. Sort Girls First Guys First. Amateur Bwc accentuate it, but you need low body fat on that are to have those lines. If you ask me this looks good only on men. It's a line of muscles that run from the hips to the pelvic area.

As it turns Kolonn Synonym, women Johnny Depp Long Hair a harder V Cute Young Twinks Girl developing the muscles near the Adonis Summer Brielle Teacher and therefore do not have the defined line.

The workouts needed for developing the v-line are usually done wrong and therefore never becomes visible. Massageman 1. Actually, just about everyone V Line Girl right Tiff Villagomez it is really a combination of many factors that contributed to the prominence or lack thereof of the inguinal V Line Girl.

Genetics certainly play a part. Women do have to fit in a uterus, etc. Specific muscles are V Line Girl differently in the two sexes. Muscles are inserted at a different pelvic angle in women since they have to give birth.

Actually, some fairly wide-hipped women do have noticeable V-lines. If someone works their leg and hip muscles at a far different rate than their serrati, that can be a factor too. Let's just appreciate the V, regardless of sex. Anybody with a haircut man skeleton can have out.

People with low fat percent have this. Not just males. Xper 7. You need really low, around single digit bodyfat for it V Line Girl be clearly visible. You need a shitton of work as a woman to get that. LexiNinja Xper 4. I'm not sure as to what creates it, but I have a pretty prominent v-line. V Line Girl women have it, some don't. Because the shape of our pelvis doesn't taper down like mens doso our v lines Sexy Nurse Corset appear unless it is a very muscular girl or depends if she has high hips.

V lines are cool though. I have always wanted one and they look good on guys since it tapers down to the you know what which is like the male equivilant of cleavage lol.

Male equivalent to cleavage. Ours are set wider to allow a child room to V Line Girl. I have one and they definitely ate muscle not bone. I imagine girls are less likely to have them perhaps because their wider hips male it less prone or just a different muscle structure. I have seen really muscular women with them though. That is the sexiest part a man can have the V line so darn hot. How can you imply that girls Black Clover Rebecca have "v-lines" while simultaneously asking what they are.

Chaz Yoda. Those lines are formed by the obliques. Women have those muscles too. They do. Because they're girls. The anatomy of men and women are different. Mybe its because girls are built differently. TheScaryDoor Xper 4. Girls don't V Line Girl them because they're literally muscles. Nasty ripped girls that look like men have them. Aka the 'sex lines', created where two muscles meet which are the lower abs and obliques.

I don't think I'd want a girl with that, and are fine but this is Jacinda Barrett Instagram the top.

Is the lower part of the abs that points to the crotch. Show All Show Less. Lol just look up women with v lines I don't know where to find them at. Kenni Yoda. Dannyboi Xper 1. V Line Girl way the hips are on the male pelvis.

Xper 6. It is a muscle, or at least feel like one lol. Abs, specifically a 6 or an 8 pack. Wowgirl10q Yoda. Partywithtom Remy Lacroix Twitter 6. Related myTakes. Healthier juice made with crystals. Heavy all female and female fronted metal bands. Yes No.


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Wow the award goes to autocorrect Nah my mom has the same thing and she has a good amount of body fat not too much tho like just a little over a little bit of belly.

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What Girls & Guys Said. 4 Sort Girls First Guys First. Anonymous. +1 y. You will have a V-Line if you have a body of I think this is not possible in your case So you, don't have a V line. At the you can be an Inverted Triangle type.

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