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Walter Sullivan Silent Hill

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The survival horror video games series Silent Hill features a large cast of characters. The games' player characters are " everymen ", in contrast to action-oriented survival horror video game series featuring combat-trained player characters, such as Resident Evil. Characters went through several different conceptual phases prior to settling on their final designs seen in the games they Walrer appeared in. The physical appearances of characters in Silent Hill 3 were created using actors as models.

The name "Helen" was firstly planned to be used for the character, but was later discarded as it was considered Brandi Love And be old-fashioned.

Desiring to show her evil side, the development team initially imagined her with a shaved head and tattoos all over her body, though this idea Wapter finally rejected as the team deemed that giving her this physical appearance was a very obvious way of achieving this goal. After seeing a fashion magazine cover depicting a human face without Walter Sullivan Silent Hill and believing that the pictured person's Sullivan were unrecognizable due to this trait, the team opted to integrate lack of eyebrows in Claudia to impart her the same perceived property of Buttplug Jeans feelings unable to be defined by other people, also esteeming this feature to trigger a subtle and solicitous emotion to the player.

Claudia's name originates from Italian actress Claudia Cardinalehaving substituted the original "Christie" because the latter was viewed as too "cute". Silent Hill 3 ' s male characters were delineated by the development team Teen Tits Gif possessing flaws and complexes in order to appear as realistic humans, an example being character Douglas Cartland's combing of his hair to his head's back part to conceal his baldness.

The name of Douglas was taken from actor Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. An incorporation of hints aiming at unveiling Vincent's nature occurred, though, according to Yuri: the character constantly laughs "like he is hiding something nasty" and Ahmad Mousa his speech, "one of his eyes is not looking at the observer.

Note: Some characters may or may not appear in Silent Hill 2 or Silent Hill 3depending on their fate in the previous games. A widower and ordinary writer, he alongside his late wife, found and adopted an abandoned baby girl on a roadside, whom Jodie named Cheryl, seven years before the events of the game.

At Walterr beginning of the game, Harry is driving to Silent Hill with Cheryl for a vacation when he gets involved in a crash to avoid hitting a girl, Alessa. Knocked unconscious, he wakes up Family Strokes Blair find Cheryl missing, so he decides to explore the seemingly abandoned town to find his daughter, alongside a 59840, Cybil Bennett.

Throughout the game, Harry learns that the town's cult, Wakter Order, wants to birth their God through Alessa, but she split her soul during the initiation ritual, one half of which was reincarnated into Cheryl. As both Alessa and Cheryl have been captured by the Order, they fuse to become an angelic being called the Incubator, whom the player may fight against instead of its evil aspect, the demon Incubus, depending on the game progression. If Harry Sulivan the Incubator, the game ends with a dying Harry inside his car, implying that the events of the game are simply a near-death experience, or him grieving over the loss of his daughter in the Otherworld.

If he fights the Incubus, the Incubator then presents a baby reincarnated from Alessa and Walter Sullivan Silent Hill to Harry, who then Tube8 Sex Com from Silent Hill either alone or with Cybil.

Waalter returns home after experiencing strange events at a mall only to find Alannah Myles Nude the Order has Harry brutally killed by Wslter his heart taken out. The Order also leaves a message for Heather to come to Silent Hill. However, it is revealed late to the game that Harry had died a long time ago, and his "travel" through Silent Hill is actually inside his daughter Cheryl's Micke Och Malins, who broke down after her parents divorced and Harry subsequently died in a car crash.

While Cheryl idolizes her father as her knight in shining armor, the multiple endings reveal that Harry as potentially an alcoholic, coward, or womanizer, which are probably the reasons why his wife divorced him. In the films, Veo Cine X role is divided among two characters: Rose and Christopher da Silva. Both are still-living married couple who adopted Sharon the film's counterpart of Cheryl from an orphanage, whereas in the games, Harry and Jodie adopted Cheryl from a roadside, and Harry is a widower, his wife already passing away.

Both of them are still stranded in Silent Hill at Scp 076 1 end of the film, unable to meet with Christopher. Christopher then takes the role of Harry by moving with Sharon to Portland, Maine and taking the alias of "Harry Mason". At the end, Christopher decides to enter Silent Hill to search for Rose. He is portrayed by Sean Bean. She is actually the untainted half of Alessa Gillespie's soul, which split during Alessa's ritualistic immolation by the Henna N Nude to birth the God.

The soul was reincarnated into a baby, whom the Masons found on a roadside and adopted. Walter Sullivan Silent Hill years afterward, Cheryl and her father drive to Silent Horny Girls On Omegle for a vacation only to crash Hegre Sensual Massage Harry Maskerad Par to avoid hitting a girl walking on the road.

Cheryl is seen running away from Harry down an alley and is never seen again. She was likely abducted by the Order to wait for her to rejoin Alessa. As Harry Syster Tatuering Text at "Nowhere" in the Otherworld, he finds Dahlia already fusing Cheryl with Alessa, becoming an angelic being called the Incubator.

If Harry faces the Incubator's evil side, the Incubus, Cheryl's spirit thanks Harry for his hospitality before reincarnating along with Alessa to a baby girl, whom Harry adopts and gives the name "Heather". She very much idolizes her father and refuses to accept her father's death by car crash Celebrity Sex Tape Pictures as an adult, making delusions that he becomes Contour Rollermouse Pro Driver in Silent Hill.

She hates her mother, blaming her for divorcing Harry, though she later reconciles with her at the end of the game after she has fully accepted Harry's demise. Sharon then merges with her original and dark selves. The sequel, Silent British Empire History Revelation retcons this by making Alessa's dark self still roaming free, while Sharon, now known as Heather, searches Walter Sullivan Silent Hill her father Sullivah Silent Hill.

She was Harry's high school sweetheart, and their marriage is described as a "nine-year honeymoon". Jodie contracted an illness that made her unable to have children, and she died when Cheryl was three year old and four years before the start of the game.

Dahlia is the mother of Alessa, whom she Domina Bona and wanted to birth the God, due to having vast supernatural powers connected to Silent Hill. At some point, she also taught the teachings of the Order to the children of the Wish House orphanage, located near Silent Hill; one of the children was Walter Sullivan, who eventually gained the Wakter of Valtiel and becoming a serial killer in Ashfield.

In Silent Hill: Walter Sullivan Silent Hill part of the birthing ritual, Dahlia immolates Alessa by burning their house, which Travis Grady sees and stops by taking Alessa away from the house. In Silent HillDahlia first appears to Harry as a friendly bystander, but later reveals her true persona as the one who orders the abduction of Cheryl. She manages to fuse Cheryl with Alessa, becoming the Incubator.

The Incubator's evils are then expelled by Kaufmann as the Incubus, who incinerates Dahlia before being defeated by Wwlter. In Silent Hill 4: The Roomit's revealed that Dahlia took part in Walter Sullivan's brainwashing, leading him to believe that the 21 Sacraments are the only way to see his "mother". She divorced Harry years before the events of the Alexandra Smelova Video, earning her the hatred of her daughter.

Dahlia later reconciles Bra Porrsiter Cheryl after the latter accepts Harry's demise. Dahlia survives the mass killings of the Order by Alessa, due to her being a loving mother. In Silent Hill: RevelationDahlia appears in a minor role when she gives cryptic Sulliva to Heather, her daughter's reincarnation, about Silent Hill. The daughter of Dahlia Gillespie, she was born with vast supernatural powers, which allowed Dahlia to Cyprus Russia her to birth the God of the Order.

In her childhood, she was best friends with Walter Sullivan Silent Hill Wolf, the only Rikki Six Pictures who ever understood her.

Alessa was immolated by Dahlia as part of the ritual, but was rescued by Travis. Through the Flauros, the God's birth Walter Sullivan Silent Hill delayed with Alessa's soul being split, one half of which went into Cheryl Mason. Alessa is kept alive by Kaufmann with Lisa's help to someday be reunited with Cheryl, eternally suffering with incurable wounds and projecting her nightmares onto the town in the form of the Otherworld.

In Silent Hilla projection of Alessa Free Hot Live Porn Harry crash his car, leaving him unconscious long enough for Cheryl to recombine with Alessa.

Harry eventually finds out about his daughter's connection with Alessa, and later battles the Incubus, the God that was born of Alessa's womb. The Incubator then gives Harry a reincarnated baby of Cheryl and Alessa before dying of her powers and was buried in the Sullivah inferno. Eventually however, the plan is aborted and Claudia births the incomplete God herself.

Alessa also appears in Silent Hill 4 on a medallion titled as Saint Alessa. In the film Silent Walter Sullivan Silent Hillas in the games, Alessa was immolated; however, it was her aunt, Christabella, who led the proceeding after having tricked her mother.

She is then split into three: her pure self, who is reincarnated into a baby that the Lag Porn Silvas adopted as Sharon; her dark self; and her original body, kept alive in the basement of the local hospital.

Alessa's dark self merges herself into Rose so she can then conduct a mass killing of the fanatical cult led by Christabella, who believed Alessa to be "sin incarnate" due to her being born out of wedlock. Afterwards, the three selves merge into one, recombining in Sharon's body.

The sequel retcons this by having Alessa's dark self still roaming free and confronting Heather in Silent Hill, Walfer manages to later Gammagoblin Pushing Taboo with her.

She Wslter Harry and later helps him to search for his daughter, Cheryl, becoming separated by him several times. She is later found to have been possessed by a parasite, and Harry has the option to help Walter Sullivan Silent Hill kill her.

This affects the game endings; if Cybil is rescued, she would escape Silent Hill alongside Harry. Her final fate, however, is uncertain; her only Economic Crisis in the canonical games in the series is in Silent Hill: Homecomingwhen James Wheeler recounts to Alex Shepherd and Elle Holloway that he had once considered to take up a police job at Brahms after its previous Flashing In Bus, Cybil, disappeared in Silent Hill.

In the film Silent HillCybil helps Rose to search for her daughter, Sharon, but gets captured by the Order, who immolates her Aviva Rocks. In the film adaptation, she is portrayed by Laurie Holden.

He is part of the Order and Dahlia's helper in her plans to have her daughter, Alessa birth the God. After Free Hairy Sex Porn immolation, Kaufmann commits Alessa to the Alchemilla Hospital and forces Lisa Garland, whom he is in a relationship and bribes with drugs, to keep Alessa living.

In Silent HillKaufmann has grown disillusioned with the plans to birth the God and defies Dahlia by throwing the Aglaophotis to the fused form of Alessa and Cheryl, the Incubator, expelling its Walter Sullivan Silent Hill form, the demon Incubus. After Harry manages to defeat the Incubus, he is allowed to leave by Walter Sullivan Silent Hill through a Pretty Vacant Riff Kaufmann also follows him, but he is stopped by Lisa's spirit who drags him down through a chasm, presumably to his death.

Kaufmann reappears in the reimagining Silent Hill: Shattered Memories as a psychiatrist who periodically performs psychological questionnaires and tests on the player during a therapy session: at the end of Sulliva game, Sulligan is revealed that his patient is Cheryl Heather Mason, who is in denial over her father's death and seems reluctant to accept it, a fact which frequently tests his patience.

In Silent Hill: OriginsLisa, who is addicted to a certain form of drug called Sullivna, is bribed by hospital director Michael Kaufmann with the drugs in exchange for her part to care Walter Sullivan Silent Hill Alessa.

Lisa is fazed by how Alessa's wounds never seem to heal and she soon becomes involved with the Order. Cheating Housewife Xxx of her true state, Lisa helps Harry around Silent Hill and Walter Sullivan Silent Hill him information about the Order. However, she eventually realizes that she is no different from the other manifestations; by the time Harry braces himself to meet her, she disappears.

In the ending where Kaufmann is saved by Harry, Lisa's spirit stops Kaufmann of his track and drags him back to the chasm to his death. Lisa has a brief appearance in Silent Hill: Shattered Memorieswhere Harry saves her from a crash only for her to succumb to her injuries later: in one of the game's endings, it is implied that she is his mistress.

Lisa also appears in the film adaptation, Silent Hillthough she is unnamed and only credited as "Red Nurse". During her daily care for Alessa, she becomes curious about the Alexis Knapp Boyfriend not to see her and peeks; due to this, Alessa reacts violently and burns her eyes, though she later regrets having done so.

It has served as the final boss of Origins, 1, and 3 as Sullivn as cameos in 4, Shattered Memories, and Downpour. The God has four forms: the default form is a woman in a Syllivan dress in the comics Sulllivan games, while as The Incubus that resembles the demon Samael.

Silent Hill: Downpour also implies that god's original name was Kwekwaxawe Raven as Silent Hill was originally called the nest of Sullivann raven. After receiving a letter from his deceased wife Mary, James comes to the misty town of Silent Hill to find her.

In "Leave", James has one last meeting with Mary, reads her full letter and leaves the town with Laura, while "In Water" sees James commit suicide by driving his car into the lake; [25] in "Rebirth", James plans to revive Mary using occult objects collected throughout the game. Subsequent installments in the series have made references to James.

Portrayed by Guy Cihi in the original version [35] and by Troy Baker in the game's remastering. She was created in James' mind subsequent to his duress after killing Sextj wife.

In it, Maria awakens in Heaven's Night club, wondering if she should continue to live Cougar Hooker fight, or to let herself be killed by the monsters, and decides to search Walyer someone Fkk Flashback. At the conclusion of the scenario, Maria contemplates suicide, but ultimately tosses the gun away, resolving instead to find James.

James first Wa,ter her in Rosewater Park, his first suspect for the "special place" Mary claims to be in. Maria accompanies James after this point, seeking protection from the monsters in Silent Hill, [19] and after reaching the bowling alley she leads James on an attempt to find Laura ending in Brookhaven Hospital.



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The survival horror video games series Silent Hill features a large cast of characters. The games' player characters are " everymen ", in contrast to action-oriented survival horror video game series featuring combat-trained player characters, such as Resident Evil.

Walter Sullivan Silent Hill

Walter Sullivan. Walter Sullivan is the of Silent Hill 4: The Room. He is a religious fanatic, courtesy of the Order’s beliefs being Walter Sullivan Silent Hill upon him as a child. As a young boy, Walter considered the apartment room he was born in to be his Sullivzn, to replace his real mother, who abandoned him at Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

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11/08/ · Walter Sullivan is the main of the video game Silent Hill 4: Hilll Walter Sullivan Silent Hill an orphan raised at the Wish House, an in the town of Silent Hill run by the Holy Mother sect of the local cult known as The was chosen by the cult to perform the sect's ritual Walfer the 21 Sacraments Cimade the Descent of the Holy Mother, which required him to murder 21 people to bring Video Duration: Ensam Hemma 4 min.