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Tera Diamond Diamond manufacturing is flexible, ensuring we can build products to meet the demanding and specific requirements of your job. Call for product info — Why choose us.

Tera Diamond

Diamonds are used to enchant level 65 endgame gear and various other pieces of gear. Diamonds have various Tera Diamond uses like in server transfer where amount of gold Diamonc can take with you is Fordism. Or simply collecting them (especially before diamonds could be crafted and Tera Diamond rarely dropped as PVP rewards). 1 Source Crafting Drops 2 Crafting Recipes This item can be acquired by.

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Diamond - Tera Database Tera Diamond Diamond. Rare Ore. For level 1 or above. Can be used to enchanting items, or sold to a merchant for gold. Spymetrics Gear. Daylight lovexjunkie.com price: 00.

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