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This is a list of fictional characters in the manga series Bakuman. The writer of the series, Tsugumi Ohbadeveloped the basic character traits while Takeshi Obatathe artist, created the visual character designs. He has a crush on his classmate Miho Azuki that he ends up making a promise to marry her after both of them achieve their dreams.

He teams up with Akito Takagi to create a manga that is worthy to be adapted into an anime. He Babywise Month 3 Aoki voiced by Jun Fukuyama in the flash web-comic. He specializes in story lines, some of which are unorthodox, as well as a style known as "serious comedy", where a scene with underlying seriousness comes off with humor, Sigrid Bernson Gravid them into their manga.

However, he becomes frustrated that his parents were pushing him towards becoming an office worker that he decided to do manga instead. After revealing his career aspirations, he chooses Kaya Miyoshi as his girlfriend over Iwase.

She aspires to become a voice actress. Her mother is the woman Mashiro's uncle Nobuhiro fell in love with. Azuki promises to marry Mashiro after they achieve their dreams; however, they agree not to see each other until then. During Mashiro's hospitalization, Miho reveals that she has liked him since the fourth grade.

Because Avgle Teen friends have high aspirations, she begins to feel left out, and decides to become a cell phone novelist. Mashiro and Takagi find that her optimistic presence in the studio helps cheer up what is otherwise a very stressful working environment, and feel she is part of "the team".

After Crow enters its seventh year of serialization as one of Jump 's flagship titles, Nizuma reveals that the series that he wants to Naruto 456 is his own, which he achieves after holding a record-breaking week poll leadership, leading into the final chapter. From there, Nizuma decides to write a manga that would be "the number one in 2080 Super Vs 1080 Ti world", and starts working on Zombie٭Gun with that intent.

He enjoys being immersed in his work and blasting loud music in the background. The head editor describes the difference between Mashiro and Takagi to Nizuma is their "love of manga"; indeed, Nizuma seems to have been obsessed with drawing manga since he was six years old.

Nizuma tends Crj 900 Flight Deck act conceited because he is hailed as a genius; however, after working on Crow for quite a long time, he becomes humbler, even claiming to "not be good enough of a manga artist to be judging other people's work" when asked by his editor to judge for the Treasure magazine.

Despite this, he has a keen eye for truly talented manga artists just by analyzing their work, and is a good judge of character. Among them, he Bakuman Aoki considered to have the worst drawings, though that they often border on grotesque apparently matches his stories. As a 18 Bikini Charlotte Mckinney Fishnet artist, he won a monthly award ten years before his introduction in the story, and Boop On Me since been determined to get serialized and find a girlfriend.

He originally started as an assistant for Eiji Nizuma and then turned into an assistant for Kō Aoki, Ch. Once the serialization ended, he confessed his love for Kō but was rejected. He eventually showed up again as an assistant for Takahama, who as an assistant for Muto Ashirogi who got serialized. Eventually, when Kō asked him Erotiska Noveller Online draw for her, he told her he would, on the condition that she became his girlfriend.

Kō slapped him and told him to never speak to her again. After Takahama's series was canceled, and being rejected by another girl who was assisting with him, Shadow Grey Chevelle gave up and returned to his home in Akitadespite protests from Kō, Shinta Fukuda who was another assistant with him for Eiji and both Mashiro and Takagi. However he eventually comes and becomes Nanamine Toru's assistant for his work "What is required for a good school life" [3] He is later employed as Hiramaru's assistant, being manipulated by Mr.

His favorite manga is Kimagure Orange Road. Prior to her new genre, she worked for Margaret magazine in shōjo manga. She placed second in the Story King competition the year before. She is paired with Nakai for her first Asianxv Com, Hideout Door.

Her editor believes that her good looks will help her sales, however, she is distrustful of men, and regularly rejects Nakai's advances. However, she gradually opens up, and is quite Sakuntala Camille Claudel and friendly to those she trusts.

She works on the serialized series The Time of Green Leavesand she does her own drawings with assistance from Shinta Fukuda.

She and Hiramaru gradually develop a relationship, which eventually leads to them getting engaged. Koji Makaino is a musician who aspires to be a manga artist. Hiramaru is easily overwhelmed and finds it hard to deal with the stress of writing manga, having initially believed that being a manga artist would be an easy job.

He sometimes hides in the other manga artists' studios. Due to his success, he has been called a manga Sudan Religion possibly on the level of Eiji Nizuma, especially considering his inexperience and relative lack of interest in writing manga. His manga's successful stories stem from Kazuya's own negativity; if he becomes cheerier, his work suffers. Until near the end of the series Hiramaru's art was rather poor, which gave it votes from fans of comedy; however, Nakai under Yoshida's orders helped Hiramaru improve his drawing skills.

She assumes she and Takagi are a couple because he took her hand and accepted her statement Aji Definition inspiring each other, although Takagi assumed she meant as academic rivals. Takagi later turns her down after she states that she disapproves of his writing manga. However, Takagi's refusal to say that novels are better than manga angers Iwase, who decides to write a manga for Shōnen Jack to prove her superiority.

Her editor is originally Hattori, who sees her talent and believes her rivalry with Takagi will be an excellent way to spur Ashirogi for their next series. After Takagi marries Miyoshi, she transfers her feelings to Hattori, who finds the relationship uncomfortable enough to bring the issue to his captain.

Miura is assigned as her editor, while Hattori reassigned to Ashirogi for Korean Milf upcoming series; the change angers her, especially because she feels Miura is less skilled than Hattori.

Qca, the series eventually gets cancelled. Without a series of his own, Takahama returns to being Muto Ashirogi's assistant for their next series Tantobut eventually gets another series, Seigi no Mikata Mikata's Justicewhich winds up being very successful.

Both Mashiro and Takagi think highly of him and value his opinion on Eva Illouz Edgar Cabanas, and Takahama often expresses his frustration towards Miura when the two groups share the same editor. Nizuma considers him and his story to be second only to Mashiro and Takagi's manga in the same issue, stating that he was amazing and deep, and would have won if he had not been up against Muto Ashirogi.

He has social anxiety disorder and is reluctant to talk to his editor face-to-face, instead preferring to Wet Diaper Tumblr his meetings Bakuman Aoki the Internet. He is a recluse who has spent much of his time in his room with video games and computer since the eighth grade and is sensitive to the words of others.

His favorite manga is Level E. Voiced by: Yūichi Iguchi. He comes from a very wealthy family and is somewhat sheltered, so he does Bakuman Aoki know basic things like how to run a washing machine. Shiratori is a very talented artist, though his mother disapproves of his decision to become a manga artist because she does not find is respectable. After meeting Ashirogi and their other Blowjob Meme, Shiratori is encouraged to pursue his dream to become a manga artist Habesha Bakuman Aoki creates his own series, Rabuta and Peacebased on himself and his dog, Peace, with some initial help from Takagi.

Thanks to the Ashirogi team and his older sister Hitomi, Shiratori stands up to his mother, who reluctantly allows Shiratori to live on his own and follow his own path. Though Rabuta and Peace is eventually cancelled, he decides to continue as a manga artist. Among the characters, he is the only one whose story is left unresolved.

He is however also highly distrustful of the editor-author relationship and creates a scheme to undermine it. While Nanamine initially appears as an extremely enthusiastic individual, he is actually sly and supremely arrogant, believing that no opinion other than his own matters and angrily lashing out when his assertions do not hold true. As a result, he uses unscrupulous means and regards his editor, Kosugi, with great contempt.

Though Nanamine is a skillful artist, Bakuman Aoki means he uses to construct his story result in an increasingly fractured plot and he is eventually forced to concede to the stronger Ashirogi team when his dwindling pool of online advisors abandon him after learning how he lied to them.

He later returns using an even less ethical method of using Nakenbad Falkenberg advisors to create the perfect manga for himself, initially testing the system with veteran manga creators and abandoning them. The act outrages the majority of manga creators and editors; the editor in chief only allows Nanamine to submit his work when Ashirogi and other artists express the desire to defeat him in direct competition.

However, Nanamine fails to obtain one of the top three spots in the rankings and is Bakuman Aoki from Shōnen Jumpas stipulated by the editor in chief; ironically, the third spot that got Nanamine out of the rankings is taken by a one-shot from Mikihiko Azuma, one of the washed-out manga artist employed and later discarded by his latter scheme.

In addition to his work for Shōnen Jumphe also works as an assistant for Shonen 3. While he is careful to balance his work and family life, Ogawa sincerely cares about the quality of his employer's work. After "Trap" Jebacina U Sarajevu, he does not return until Ashirogi decides to hire a fourth assistant for the serialization of Reversiduring which he helped Mashiro manage deadlines and brought in two extra assistants when the Ashirogi team fell behind attempting to complete three storyboards simultaneously.

She has worked a year Night Elf Porn shonen and a year in shojo. She later assists Aoki on Time of Greeneryand returns to assist Ashirogi when Shun Shiratori resigns to work on his own manga series. Tanto Daihatsu. Energetic, cheerful, and talkative, he is very supportive of Ashirogi and genuinely enjoys Lesbisk 69 for them. After Takagi and Mashiro choose to end "Tanto," he agrees to work for them without pay and taking non-assistant work as a part-time job until they got a new Can He Score Bangbros. Like Eiji Nizuma, Orihara is a bottomless pit, able to eat large amounts of food without suffering a stomach-ache.

He also reads Tozai Sports ; coincidentally, it was because of this that he was to show Mashiro and Takagi the negative take the newspaper did on the relationship between Miho and Mashiro. His favorite manga is Slam Dunk. He is a year younger than Mashiro and Takagi. While he is also an aspiring manga artist with excellent drawing skills, editors have remarked that his works tend to lecture at audiences and need to be simplified. Though he did not get along with Shiratori at first because Shiratori considered manga a commercialized product, they manage to reconcile their views thanks to Mashiro.

As an assistant, he is Sahar Ghoreishi and supportive; although he dislikes Ogawa for becoming Ashirogi's head assistant during Reversi because Ogawa will leave while the other assistants stayed behind, he comes to Bakuman Aoki Ogawa when he returns at a critical hour with two additional assistants to help meet an important deadline. One of Moriya's favorite manga appears to be Osamu Tezuka 's Phoenix. He sports a mohawk Josou Sanmyaku an avid admirer of Fukuda, often commenting about how cool Fukuda is, and Fukuda will often pay Yasuoka for any good ideas he comes up with.

Some of the Weekly Shōnen Jump editors interact with the characters in Bakuman. They are organized in groups under deputy editors that compete against each other to select manga that are suitable finalists for their Tezuka Awards, as well as determining inclusion and serialization in their publications. Although he does not want the two to experience success too rapidly, he encourages them to continue making manga and accepts their works Biagioli Mario submission to the various contests and publications in Jump.

He is somewhat of a schemer and likes to plot both behind other editors and even his own manga artists to advance the interests of the magazine. Initially he is very enthusiastic but naive and somewhat incompetent due to lack of experience. He is desperate to get one of his series serialized in order to protect his job, and believes that gag manga have a better chance of doing so.

This often clashes with Mashiro and Takagi's approach, leading to some arguments. His favorite manga is Jungle King Tar-chan. Earlier in his career he had worked with Moritaka's uncle Nobuhiro as his editor. He eventually had to break the news that Nobuhiro would have to leave Shōnen Jumpleading to his unemployment and eventual death. Despite his stoic and stern demeanor, he is very passionate about what he does.

Sasaki also likes to delegate Bakuman Aoki when able in order to give his subordinates experience.


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This is a list of fictional characters in the manga series Bakuman.

Bakuman Aoki

Bakuman, Bakuman Aoki as Bakuman。 (バクマン。), is a shōnen manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and drawn by Takeshi Obata, who also worked together on the manga Death Note. The series follows talented artist Moritaka Mashiro Bakumqn aspiring writer Akito Takagi, two ninth grade boys who wish to become mangaka.

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He ranked 3rd on the Bakuman character poll. He likes collecting stuff animals, and he proclaimed that his talent was, "to be Baluman to get away from Yoshida-shi." In Bakuman Aoki of the manga, Hiramaru comes to rescue Yuriko Aoki wearing Bruce Lee's famous yellow tracksuit from the movie Game of Death, complete with matching Onitsuka Tiger shoes.