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Important Math Theorems

Important Math Theorems

Important Math Theorems



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This was created by the Greek Mayh named Pythagoras and he was the first one who was able to come up with a proof for it. This theorem shows that every number that is higher than 13 is Important Math Theorems to be a prime number itself or the product of prime factors. It has become an important theorem that is used for just about everything.

Important Math Theorems

34 rows · The Principle of Mathematical Induction: Levi ben Gerson: The Mean Value Theorem.

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 · A few important theorems are: Theorem 1: Equal chords of a circle subtend equal angles, at the centre of the circle. Converse of Theorem 1: If two angles subtended at the centre, by two chords are equal, then the chords are Theofems equal Theorem 2: The perpendicular to a chord, bisects the chord if Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.