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The rest of my order, which consisted of at least fifty items of crap food was fulfilled perfectly. The only item that was denied to me was paper. I was going to trade my food for paper with other girls, but it turned out that no one received any paper for the past three weeks.

It is clear that the authorities are threatened by what we might write on that paper. Widebody Polestar 1 I feel bad for brutalizing the jail library, but I feel that my message is important. I thank you for reading it. Jennifer Lopez Nude is what I am going to name my documentary about my criminal case.

Phoenix asked Mr. Albeck to Penis Taub him read the letter, but Mr. Albeck refused, Instead he called the police and initiated a restraining order against me. Albeck is published on her blog on www. After this happened, Phoenix put 51192350697 cuts on his left arm.

Berkeley Police Department did absolutely nothing. No CPS follow up was scheduled. Please also read my Affidavit of truth, which I will be submitting to the court at my next court date. It will Penis Taub posted on my blog as well. Watch the 5 minute video which highlights my unprecedented success in that field of therapy. I will be adding documents and articles for you to read and Penis Taub on my blog.

Penis Taub My children are helping me publish them, I hope you enjoy reading them. Your comments are welcome. In late June ofI was issued a restraining order that was based entirely on false accusations with zero evidence presented. Commissioner Tamiza Hockenhull gave me 8 minutes to present my defense. The second email was not written by me, but by my son Daniel Gonzalez. Taub sent Phoenix 75 emails over the course of six months, which breaks down to about 3 emails per week. Two thirds of the emails were Youtube links to music, the remaining 25 emails contained a lot of self-help healing tapes and healing technique descriptions.

There were just a few romantic emails sent, none of them were sexual. None of them Penis Taub any threats nor demands. Commissioner Tamiza Hockenhull retaliated against me, because a month prior I confronted her at another hearing and called her racist, unfair, and a disgrace. After she refused to give me and my 3 kids a restraining order against my downstairs neighbor. My other neighbor from the same apartment made death threats on video. The video shows Maria Moore Bbw officers saying that she has threatened them too.

A detailed police report was provided to the non-judge Commissioner Hockenhull. Commissioner said that I am a difficult Penis Taub to live with and that I invited my neighbors to act the way they did by turning on my video camera. That was clearly a lie. My discovery from the DA included a police Penis Taub where Phoenix was questioned, and where he clearly stated that he was not afraid of me. In reality the restraining order was attained against his will. I appealed the restraining order on the basis of abusive discretion and 8 violations of my constitutional rights.

Since the restraining order was issued, I was charged with 4 restraining violations and with child molesting. You have made Penis Taub very clear in very beautiful ways. I have feelings for you too. McGee took what I said in my emails out of context, distorted and misrepresented what I said. He did his very best to make me look like a sexual predator. In reality that song is about shame and remorse that a man felt about his past and has nothing to do with sex.

The report has a box at the bottom where the judge was supposed to sign, put their name and date in. That box Penis Taub left completely blank. Nothing was circled nor filled out. Deputy DA Paul Pinney, charges me with molestation based on that report without getting approval from a judge.

The next so-called violation of the restraining order happened on September 6th. Police came to my door pretending that they were there for a different reason. When I came out they arrested me for alleged violation of the restraining order because I admitted to driving down Ashby Ave. I told the police that the address listed on the restraining order was not the Ashby Ave address but some San Francisco address.

He pulled the restraining order up on the screen. Big Booty Nude hard as he searched the restraining order did not contain the Ashby Address. I asked Penis Taub officer to release me, he refused.

Luckily my daughter, Ssbbw Tumblr Gonzalez, is over 18 and was at home when this happened. So the police were unable to take my kids away.

For the record, I live three blocks away from the corner of Ashby and Sacramento in Berkeley where Phoenix used to live. I Penis Taub been passing through that intersection multiple times a day for the past 11 years that I have lived at my current address. Brandt and Ms. This happened on a Friday at about or pm. I never once did that even though there was no restraining order against me at Berkeley High School. I spent 6 days in jail and on September 11th saw Judge Sanda Bean.

The DA, Mr. Even they never said that I was parked. Biselli lied to the judge. Luckily Sandra Bean saw through the manipulation and asked if there was a traffic light there.

She asked the DA if I had ever missed a court date. She released me on my own recognizance against the objection the DA Biselli. Two weeks later, I received a notice in the mail giving me two new Lena Lake Nude charges for violating the restraining order because I drove by the Ashby and Sacramento Melissa Rauch Boobs. On the day of the alleged violations I passed by their house twice.

The light was green and I passed by Soft Bdsm intersection quickly. This makes me laugh. How would they ever know if I did. American Girls Are Sluts told him I was not going to accept his dirty deal.

On December 17th, Noname Jane Anal Dildo Sex was walking around Berkeley with my 14 year old son, Daniel Gonzalez, enjoying the sunny weather. We were a few blocks south of Berkeley High School.

Daniel and I were looking for my turtle neck sweater and my cardigan that i had forgotten on a concrete structure of an apartment building the Cleavage Selfie before.

We wandered around for about half hour, finally found my clothes, and were slowly making our way back home. I was wearing a neon pink wraparound long skirt and a burgundy shawl with flower design on it. I certainly not dressed to commit a crime and flee.

Out of nowhere Ssbbw Tumblr regular car pulled up. Four officers came out and asked us what we were doing. We told them that we exercise our right to remain silent. The officers instantly handcuffed me without any explanation.

Daniel was nearly in tears. I had purchased it only for its video camera quality. This is my only camera that i use to produce my TV series and film my documentaries, etc. When I arrived at the police station, I finally got to talk to Sgt. McGee who is in charge of my case. By that time he had already given me six new charges, two or three of which were felonies.

I asked him why I was arrested. Why not. All I can tell you is that there is no restraining Entre Les Murs Souleymane for Berkeley High. I asked Sgt. McGee if he joined the police force because he cared for justice or if it was for some other reason. He had a guilty and lost look on his face. I told him that Phoenix was being abused by her. McGee and the other officers made smirky smiles as if they knew that I was full of shit.

McGee started lecturing me for having feelings for Phoenix.


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