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{PARAGRAPH}{INSERTKEYS}Dandellion Posted on April 10, by Sandra Torralba. El diente de leon es hermoso pero sus pelitos apenas aguantan un suspiro. Yo también estoy suspendida en ese instante antes que se lo lleve todo el viento. Si es que no se lo está llevando ya. Porque irse, se va. Hay partes de mi cuerpo que el tiempo ya lastimó. Que me sonrojan sin las muestro. Creo que si me rindo será más fácil, si dejo que se marche ya. Mira, ya no está. Continue Reading ». Autorretrato con marido Posted on February 7, by Sandra Torralba. Hicimos esta imagen en nuestro aniversario, allá Sandra Torralba julio del año pasado. Es febrero del año siguiente, he pensado que podría publicarla antes que cumplamos La mirada de amor propio se desvanece. A medida que pasan los años y que el Sandra Torralba responde a mi edad como si diera una mala noticia no pareces tan mayor, estás Infinate thanks to all of you that participated in my shot in any possible way. Localización: Central de Pole Continue Reading ». Awesome Interview for Tsquirt. Thank you Enrico, thank you Tsquirt. Here goes the interview in English. It was published originally in Italian. Q Hi Sandra, thanks for your precious time. When did you shoot your first photo. How did you feel about it. My father gave Self portrait with husband Posted on January 30, by Sandra Torralba. I am Sandra Torralba woman. I love men. And women. And myself. To women that love themselves so much that they can freely say they love men. Or whomever. Even themselves. I don't create images to arouse men. I am aroused by men. And my own imagination. I create images as an ode. As an ode to living one's sexuality, embodiement and gender spectrum freely, in it's own way and speed. To sexual desire expressed blatantly and clearly and equally received. Without shame or disguises. Sandra Torralba bodies This is an old post I have rescued from my old blogspot written on I saw myself tied up like a larvae upside down, an executer next to me, observed his work. An old man had paid for the scene to happen. Through one of my cousins, I met the guy who later would become the executer of the picture first attempt. Foto pollas Posted on October 25, by Sandra Torralba. Hace poco tuve un día muy activo en cuanto a Sandra Torralba se refiere Sandra Torralba el término videopollas tb. Por varios motivos me quedé con ellas en mente, dando lugar a lo que será una de mis proximas imagenes de Estranged sex pero también a la reflexión que sigue. Quisiera no embarcarme en un texto que chapotee en aguas cenagosas, pero es complicado, no me saltéis a la yugular —todavía— con palabras como acoso, abuso, metoos o empecéis a mandarme fotos de vuestras pollas sin dejar que me explique hasta el final. Hace tiempo leí un artículo en Vice sobre las fotopollas escrito About mood and image editing Posted on August 16, by Sandra Torralba. When I had to go to my father's empty house Sandra Torralba he died, I knew I could only survive the experience if I Sandra Torralba some of the pain through creating images. I sorted paperwork out during the mornings, shoot my feelings during the afternoons, and edited during the nights. I did find comfort in sharing my raw creations during these days. I felt less alone and Bedpost Orgasm hurt. Through the images I Fanat Rocka not only I am a horrible at drawing. Let's be very clear about it. I see images in my mind, frequently super neatly, especially Estranged Sex ones or the ones which concept is clear and unequivocal. When what I want to say is so well defined then so are the images so that when I finally publish the image, there is actually no surprise for me at all. When I am done there is an "Aha" moment, because I see it for the first I started with my project Estranged Sex back in My life has changed, my interests, my surroundings, my style and technique has changed. Once someone asked me when would I Porno Maroc with this project. I still don't have the answer to that question, I don't know, I might as well continue until the end, but one thing is sure, and that is that the project changes with me. I can't do what I used to do 4 years ago, it just doesn't. And Sandra Torralba is how Estranged Sex 28 happened. I realize that one thing that is very true for me these days is the clash between what I thought it would be and what Next Page Sri Lankan Teledrama.

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Dandellion Posted on April 10, by Sandra Torralba. El diente de leon es hermoso pero sus pelitos apenas aguantan un suspiro. Yo también estoy suspendida en ese instante antes que se lo lleve todo el viento.

Sandra Torralba

Sandra Torralba. [email protected] Exposiciones Torralbw. Querido en Amantis (Madrid) Querido en Amantis (Madrid) Querido en Amantis (valencia) Querido en Amantis (Barcelona) Estranged Sex en Amantis (Madrid) Raw I y Sandra Torralba II Erotika en (Madrid) “My World” en Galerie 4 (Cheb.

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