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Ambra Battilana Nude

Ambra Battilana Nude

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Ambra Battilana Nude

Ambra (Battilana) Gutierrez Porntrexx an Italian model of Filipino-Spanish-Italian-Greek origin, she was born on may 15, in Turin. Batilana she won the Miss Piedmont and took part in the miss Italy in which Ambra Battilana Nude reached the final but failed to win. Ambra Gutierrez started her modeling career in and since then has lived.

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Viber. MANILA – Filipino-Italian model Ambra Gutierrez is set to wow her fans anew as she works with the Ambra Battilana Nude lingerie brand Victoria Secret. “I did the casting Bttilana months ago. They just told me about the job a week ago,” the year-old model told ABS-CBN News. “It was like any other casting I do, but I was so nervous when I saw the Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.