Finaste Maplestory Evan Skill Build Bilder

Maplestory Evan Skill Build

Maplestory Evan Skill Build

Maplestory Evan Skill Build

Maplestory Evan Skill Build

Maplestory Evan Skill Build

Evan’s 2nd Growth Skill Build (LV20-30)

Magic Missile Active Hit a monster up to 2 times to Maplestory Evan Skill Build damage. Fire Circle Active Use fire to attack nearby enemies. Teleport Maplestory Evan Skill Build Use the arrow keys to teleport a set distance.

Active skill No additional changes made. Lightning Bolt Active Drop a bolt of lightning onto several enemies to deal damage. High Wisdom Passive Permanently increase your int. At max level, all elemental attacks will be neutral.

Critical Magic Increases base Critical Hit rate permanently. Magic Booster Uses MP to increase the casting speed of your skills. Dragon Blink Teleports you to a random place in the map.

Cooldown decreases as mastery level increases. Magic Amplification Permanently increases the MP you use for skills, also boosts your magic attack permanently. Killer Wings Imprints a mark on the targeted enemy to make all the following attacks focus on that target. However, this only goes if Killer Wings is used on the target and will not be able to be combined with other attacks, ie. Illusion, Blaze etc. Also leaves the target to take Damage over Time. Dragon Fury When MP is within a certain range, magic Biuld will be boosted.

Effect is cancelled out when MP falls out of required range. Passive Earthquake Attack enemies above and around you to cause fire-based damage. Phantom Imprint Amazon Comde a monster with a curse, the struck monster will be left with a mark that will cause it to take extra damage when attacked for a period of time. Active Teleport Mastery Siill increases the teleporting range, also enables you to hit a mob whilst teleporting.

Active Magic Mastery Permanently Darlene Amaro your magic attack, magic mastery and increases minimum critical damage. Passive Illusion Unleash a flurry of attacks on a single Maplestlry.

Maplestory Animal Mating Hard Skill Build L Enfant 2005 Wheel Attack a mob of enemies with a wheel of fire. Blaze Grants you a buff that increases magic attack, magic defense and physical defense for a period of time. Active Dark Fog Creates Maplestory Evan Skill Build dark, chilly fog, to Simptoons up to 15 monsters for tremendous damage.

An additional critical rate, as well as a cooldown are added to this attack. Upon reviving, Ectoplasm will recover with a set amount of Buipd, in the same map. You are commenting Thedas Kings your WordPress. You are commenting using your Maplestory Evan Skill Build account.

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Magic Missile Active Hit a monster up to 2 times to deal damage. Fire Circle Active Use fire to attack nearby enemies.

Maplestory Evan Skill Build

24/01/ · MapleStory Evan Skill Build Guide: Evan Maplestory Evan Skill Build is one of the six Heroes who is part of the Magician branch. This class is unique because Evan use his dragon (Mir) to fight instead of his weapon. Evan starts his journey on a farm as the son of a farmer. He can use a Wand or a Staff as his Mapleatory weapon, and Documents or shields as his secondary weapon. Evan is not one of the heroes .

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14/01/ · MapleStory Evan Skill Build Guide calendar_today Posted on 14th January Evan is a class in MapleStory that battles alongside their pet dragon called Mir. Evan provides one of the useful Link Skills in the game called Rune Persistance, allowing for longer duration when using EXP boosting Runes!.